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August 2018 News

I have been trying to get Alma to help me write a blog about her all year and well, she is crazy busy saving dogs, setting up clinics to sterilize dogs, transporting dogs,( I think you get the picture). But I suspect the real reason is, you can't feed a blog to a starving dog and even after the blog is over, a dog can still have a litter of unwanted puppies. So, it is clear to me, that the only way this blog will see the light of day, is if I just dive in and write it myself. I want to make sure I get it right, that the words do this remarkable woman justice. She is a super human to me.Alma and I crossed paths about 15 years ago. I was driving street dog transports out of South Central, Mexico for another organization, Save A Mexican Mutt, Alma was involved in two organizations in Juarez , President of APRODEA (ASOCIACION PRO DEFENSA ANIMAL) and Compassion Without Borders (out of California) both amazing organizations that did the heavy lifting in Juarez to end electrocution as the means to euthanizing dogs. CWOB eliminated electrocution throughout the state of Chihuahua!Now back to Alma, CWOB describes Alma as " the only woman I know who can drive a large Diesel truck, apply mascara, hold a conversation with you, talk on her cell phone, and navigate her way through gut wrenching bumper to bumper city traffic – all at the same time.Thank God for her multitasking abilities. This woman has single handedly changed the way animals live in Juarez, Mexico." And now, co founder of PPJ and in her "spare time" opened and runs Clinica de esterilizacion especializada! Because the animal welfare world is highly networked with each other, CWOB, Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, APRODEA and Save A Mexican Mutt, entered into mutually helpful teamwork at times and through this, I came to know this amazing woman, who seems to have an inexhaustible source of energy to help Juarez's street dogs and companion animals. The conditions in Juarez for dogs is now desperate, with estimates of up to 200,000 living on the streets. When you meet someone who has a single purpose and passion that never falters, wakes daily to push against cruelty, offer endless care to animals in dire need, there is a quality to them that feels powerful and beautiful and selfless. They exist with a sense of purpose that is formidable to witness, Alma has now earned the deep respect of our partner organizations, Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, Rescue Rovers and Paws for Life in Utah. Alma would not say this, but I will. She is a hero to the voiceless, an astounding role model to children and has saved literally uncountable numbers of animals from starvation, abuse and lives of endless suffering. She is the co founder of Planned Pethood De Juarez, but her efforts started decades before we became an organization. If we made a video of each dog she has saved, each dog that was humanely euthanized, not electrocuted and each dog that has found a loving home after healing from starvation, it would have to run for weeks on end! Alma a champion to those without voices who has changed the course of animal welfare in Juarez, Mexico. I know this won't feed a hungry pup, but I finally got my Alma blog ❤️❤️

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