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Our Story

Planned Pethood de Juarez, our story. Our organization was formed through a coalition of people spanning two countries. It began with several organizations and individuals coming together.

What started as Compassion Without Borders, founded by the Chamblors out of the Bay area in California, to spay and neuter dogs in Juarez partnering with Alma to be of service to companion animals in Juarez, Mexico. A local Juarez Veterinarian Team was the heart and soul of this organization. In 2009 the violence in Juarez was increasing to alarming levels and the number of companion animals, primarily dogs, skyrocketed. Estimates of 20,000 going to 200,000. At this time CWOB concentrates on areas in LA, California and Puerta Penasco in Mexico. Their move created a void in Juarez for international access to donations and what followed was a long period of difficult days for animals and people in Juarez. The Vet Team continued to do what was able, even locating dogs abandoned in homes of those that fled quickly and kicking the doors open to get the animals at least free.

In early 2000 Alma and Mary met though CWOB and began taking rescue dogs from the border to a rescue in ABQ. NM. An unlikely place to bring homeless dogs, but with great care, we brought up only low shedding, young and healthy dogs. The type of dogs that are very difficult to find in shelters. Through this partnership PPJ was eventually formed.

The Vet Team is a dedicated and professional team from Juarez that work tirelessly in very difficult environments to reduce the suffering of companion animals. Reducing the numbers of abandoned pets is critical to our mission. Spay and neuter is the only way out of this truly dire problem.

We are not a shelter and maintain no facility to keep dogs. We depend on a very limited number of fosters within Juarez to keep our dogs through their 60 day quarantine, limiting our ability to rescue large numbers of dogs. We have decided to concentrate on spay and neuter as the main way forward.

With the formation of PPJ we have been able to re open the access to international donations to increase the free clinics for spay and neuter, so desperately needed. In doing this, we have kept the life line of hope, kindness and compassion open for animals and for communities in need in Juarez. This ongoing work is being done by Juarez Vets and community.

With deepest gratitude to our donors for being the driving force to keep this going.

Planned Pethood de Juarez Vet Team

Juarez is again experiencing increased violence and uncertainty for people and animals. With your continued support, we will keep the clinics going and the compassion alive. Where there is hope, there is possibility and through it all we keep going, even through the darker days. We are able to do this knowing our donors are supporting us and our supporters are keeping the animals and Vet Team in their hearts as we move forward.

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